The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)

The Adult Attachment Interview is a 90-minute, semi-structured interview designed to elicit responses that reveal an adult's current representations of childhood attachment experiences. The interview consists of questions which ask both for general descriptors and for specific supporting examples/evidence covering the interviewee's childhood experiences with parents (or carers), from as early as possible, through to adulthood. Some questions also ask specifically about separation, loss and trauma experiences It is audio-recorded, transcribed verbatim (including all speech sounds, timing of pauses etc) and coded from text. Interviews are classified into Secure, Insecure-Dismissing, Insecure-Preoccupied, Cannot Classify, Unresolved with regard to Loss and Trauma.

Key Reference: George, C., Kaplan, N., & Main, M. (1985).The Child Attachment Interview. Unpublished protocol, University of California, Berkeley.