Confidentiality Agreement

All coders have signed a Confidentiality Agreement and have agreed to strict criteria for the storing, viewing and returning of coding materials. All original texts or video or audio files are returned to The CC after coding and will be returned to you with the coding sheets.

Guidelines for sending material to us:

If you are sending transcripts of interviews, you should ensure that they are anonymised. No details of names of people, places, services, and any identifying details of history etc should appear. It is most helpful and makes most sense if the details are substituted either with neutral phrases (eg Child I, older sister etc) or with invented names. We suggest you replace each name and keep a key to the substitutions. Transcripts can then be emailed to us at: coding.consortium@gmail.com - Or sent by courier.

Video material should be sent on DVD/CD/flash drive by courier or recorded delivery. DVDs should be encrypted and the encryption code sent to us separately from the visual material. Only the coder and admin at The CC will be able to access the material.