Reflective Functioning Coded From The Parent Development Interview (PDI)

The Parent Development Interview (PDI) is a semi-structured interview intended to examine parents' representations of their child(ren) and of themselves as parents. The interview taps into parents' understanding of their own and their child's behaviour in terms of the underlying, motivating 'mental states' (eg thoughts, feelings, beliefs, wishes etc) There are number of different versions of the interview for different ages of child. A parent's Reflective Functioning (RF) capacity is coded on a scale of -1 to 9 with a rating of 5 indicating 'normal or ordinary RF'. The Interviews are audio-recorded, transcribed verbatim (including all speech sounds, timing of pauses etc) and coded from text.

Key Reference: Aber, J. L., Slade, A., Berger, B., Bresgi, I. & Kaplan, M. (1985) The Parent Development Interview. Unpublished manuscript. The City University of New York.